Original lysosomal membrane proteomics data accessible again

Dear ESGLD Members we are happy to let you know that the original data in the proteomics paper on human lysosomal membrane by Bernd Schröder et al. (Integral and Associated Lysosomal Membrane Proteins. Traffic Volume8, Issue12 December 2007, Pages 1676-1686) is now available again.

These data became inaccessible after Blackwell’s, the original publishing house of Traffic, had been discontinued, for quite a long time. Thanks to the efforts of editors with Willey, the present publisher of Traffic, all the original data are accessible again. Just click on “Supporting information” at the end of the paper, if you ever wished to see them and could not to.

There is extensive original data including sequence of more than 13 thousands identified peptides and various data evaluations that are available. Please see link below: