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Promoting Collaboration and Exchange

Collaborate with over 90 research, diagnostic and clinical groups and get access to biennial work shops and graduate courses by becoming a member of the ESGLD.

ESGLD… Society

Here are the Society Objectives, History, Officers, European Working Group on Gaucher Disease: the EWGGD and Constitution:

Society Objectives

  • To encourage and promote closer contact and collaboration between member groups, laboratories and clinical centres by dissemination of information, the exchange of materials and knowledge.
  • The organisation of a biennial Workshop, held in different European countries.
  • The organisation of biennial graduate course to train the next generation of lysosomal storage disease scientists and clinicians.
  • Research areas which are a focus of the ESGLD include:
    •     Biochemical, molecular, genetic and clinical research to study lysosomal storage diseases.
    •    Basic research in cell biology and physiological function of lysosomes.
    •     Translational research to improve diagnostic procedures, to develop new treatments and to understand clinical history of lysosomal storage diseases.
  • To facilitate short term visits of younger workers to other laboratories and clinical centres in the group.

Society History

The ESGLD was founded in 1978 as a small informal group of scientists and has grown to become an organisation of over 90 groups from 22 European countries including laboratories as well as diagnostic and clinical groups.

Below is a PDF version of a presentation on the history of the ESGLD that was given at the 17th Workshop at Bad Honnef, Germany in 2009 by Bryan Winchester who was the chairman from 1997 – 2007. It has also been updated to include information about events up to 2015.


Society Officers

Present Officers of the Study Group

Chairman: Prof. Brian Bigger, Manchester

Secretary: Prof. Paul Saftig, Kiel

Treasurer: Prof. Pim Pijnappel, Rotterdam

Financial auditor 2020-2021:
Prof. Thomas Braulke, Hamburg
Dr. Amelia Morrone, Florence


Board Members:
Prof. Andrea Ballabio, Naples
Dr. Dominic Winter, Bonn
Prof. Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen, Helsinki
Prof. Mia Horowitz, Tel Aviv
Dr. Sandra Alves, Porto
Prof. Ladislav Kuchař, Prague
Prof. Bruno Gasnier, Paris





Past Officers

Prof. Don Robinson, London, UK
Prof. Joseph Tager, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Prof. Hans Galjaard, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Prof. Jules Leroy, Gent, Belgium
1979-1983 Prof. Don Robinson
1983-1985 Prof. Hans Kresse
1985-1989 Prof. Konrad Sandhoff
1989-1997 Prof. Kurt von Figura
1997-2007 Prof. Bryan Winchester
2007-2015 Prof. Volkmar Gieselmann
1979-1983 Prof. Joseph Tager
1983-1997 Dr. Arnold Reuser
1997-2009 Dr. Otto van Diggelen
2009-2015 Prof. Jonathan Cooper
2015 – 2019 Dr. Martin Hrebicek
Treasurer & Editor of Newsletter
1980-1997 Prof. Bryan Winchester
1997-2001 Prof. Pertti Aula
2001-2017 Prof. Carla Hollak

Society Constitution

You can download a PDF of the ESGLD Constitution here…

Constitution of the ESGLD

Contact ESGLD

For further information please contact:
Prof. Dr. Paul Saftig
Biochemisches Institut
CAU Kiel
Olshausenstr. 40
D-24098 Kiel
Tel: ++ 49-(0)431-8802216

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