A big thanks to everyone who took part in our recent ESGLD Summer Virtual Meeting. We had a great turnout and a particular thanks to all our excellent speakers who made it such a success.

Talks over the three  days covered a broad spectrum of topics including lysosomal function, mechanisms of lysosomal disease and therapies and diagnosis. The ESGLD Scientific Committee had the difficult task of choosing four outstanding presentations. Three prizes were awarded for the best presentations from the selected abstracts and one prize for the best flash talk.

Awards for best selected abstract presented to:

  • Alessia Calcagni (Baylor College of Medicine ) –  CLN3 protein is at the crossroad between the biosynthetic/secretory compartment and lysosomes
  • Malte Klüssendorf  (University Medical Center, Hamburg-Eppendorf )   Cytosoplasmic retention of acetylated transcription factor EB             
  • Dominic Winter (University of Bonn) Characterization of Lysosomal Protein Interactions and Structures by Cross Linking Mass Spectrometry


Award for best flash talk presented to:

  • S.L.M. in ‘t Groen (Erasmus MC) –  Uncovering pathological mechanisms in Pompe disease using a 3D-skeletal-muscle-on-a-chip system.