24th ESGLD Workshop and Graduate Course

7th to 11th September 2022

SAVE THE DATE!  As you may know it is the turn of the UK to hold the Bi-Annual ESGLD Workshop and Graduate Course. ESGLD Chair, Professor Brian Bigger and his University of Manchester Team are happy to announce that a date has been set for this event which will take place in Lancaster, North West of England. Please hold the 7th to 11th of September 2022 in your diaries!

About the Venue

Lancaster… Successful conferences start with a tailor-made conference facility.

Join us for the 24th ESGLD Workshop to learn of achievements thus far, and glimpse into the future of lysosomal disease research and therapies. Workshop topics include:

–   Lysosome Function
–   Lysosomal Pathology
–   Therapies

The graduate course, held immediately before the workshop is an opportunity for postdocs, PhD students and clinical fellows who are new to the lysosomal disease field to be taught about the fundamentals of lysosomal diseases by experts who are at the cutting edge of these areas and to have a chance to informally practice presenting their work in a non-challenging environment to their peers. Participants in the graduate course usually go on to attend the workshop afterwards.

About Lancaster

The small county town of Lancaster is built on the site of a Roman encampment (Castrum), constructed to guard the crossing over the River Lune. It later became a prosperous port from the proceeds of the slave trade. A short distance from the town’s railway station stands Lancaster Castle. A magnificent Norman Fortress, originally built to keep Scottish invaders at bay.

Lancaster Castle

Steeped in almost 1000 years of history including the trials of the Pendle Witches and the Birmingham Six, Lancaster Castle is one of the most important historic monuments in the North West. Come and visit the old cells, Shire Hall and Crown Court.

Historic Lancaster

Stroll through Lancaster and you’ll find history on every corner. Unlock history within the castle prison walls or admire Georgian Splendour in its fine buildings. Want to take in the views? Then head up to Williamson’s Park and enjoy the views from the Ashton Memorial, one of the North’s great follies. Lancaster really is one of England’s Heritage Cities with a big story to tell.

Lancaster ‘Just the Start’

One of England’s most vibrant historic cities where culture and heritage captivate and inspire visitors. Visit Lancaster’s castle and museums to uncover the city’s ancient stories hidden in its walls and buildings. Stroll the meandering towpaths of the canal or along St George’s Quay, marvelling at the Georgian architecture which lines the banks of the River Lune. Explore the secret paths of Williamson Park and discover its hidden follies and stunning Edwardian designed butterfly house. Discover the open spaces and strong design of the two university campuses and find out how these seats of learning have influenced the city over the years.Dating back almost 1000 years Lancaster Castle was the location of the UK’s most famous witch trial which saw 13 people convicted and hung for crimes associated with witchcraft in 1612. More than 400 years later you can visit the majestic court rooms and find out about the lives and experiences of the so-called Lancashire Witches.

ESGLD 2022

For further information regarding 24th ESGLD Workshop and Graduate Course, 2022 Lancaster please contact:

Dr Tereza Andreou
School of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health
3.721 Stopford Building
The University of Manchester

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