A Commemoration meeting is to be held on the 5th of October 2021 to honour the memory of Professor  Milan Elleder. It has been 10 years since he passed away. The meeting information is in the invitation – please click the link below.

There will be a  Keynote lecture from Dr. Marie T Vanier (INSERM, Lyon, France) –  Milan Elleder, the Prague group and Niemann-Pick diseases. It will be a good opportunity to meet to honour the memory of Professor Elleder the way we think he would like. The majority of the presentations are going to be in Czech but the Keynote lecture from Dr Vanier  will be in English at 11:15-12:30 (CEST) and this is the link to the live stream (https://bit.ly/setkanielleder).

Milan Elleder was a key ESGLD figure for several decades and has contributed substantially to the community. Also, Marie Vanier´s keynote tribute to his contributions to understanding and delineation of NPA/B and NPC will be quite exceptional and of major interest to “lysosomalists” of all ages.

Also attached is Milan Elleder´s obituary that was written by Martin Hrebicek and was distributed to ESGLD members in 2011.

elleder_invitation (Link to event Invitation)

orbituaryElleder (Link to Obituary written by Martin Hrebicek)