The ESGLD is comprised of over 90 member groups from 22 European countries. Membership is open to European laboratories, clinical and diagnostic groups who are actively engaged in research on lysosomal disorders and basic research on lysosomal physiology.

There are three forms of membership:

Group membership, whereby a group is represented by a Principal Investigator (PI) or senior researcher. All scientists/practitioners working in this group at any given time are automatically considered members of the ESGLD.
Associate membership is for groups that are outside of Europe but have substantive links to ESGLD. This is awarded on a case by case basis at the ESGLD boards discretion.
Honorary membership, which is for retired individuals who are no longer associated with their previous group but maintain an active interest in the ESGLD. This is awarded at the ESGLD boards discretion.

Applications for membership of the ESGLD are considered and approved by the ESGLD board solely based on the following criteria, with equal opportunities for all.

In order to be become a member group of the ESGLD you must:

1) Be based in the wider European area, (unless approved as an associate member).
2) Be a laboratory, clinical or diagnostic group actively engaged in work on Lysosomal Diseases or Lysosomal Biology.
3) Not be a commercial enterprise or work mainly for commercial enterprise.
4) Associate members must have substantive links to ESGLD member groups

The subscription fee is paid every two years and is €100 per group. Please fill out the application form and include an up to date CV for the consideration of the ESGLD board.

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