Apply for a Scholarship/Fellowship

The ESGLD invites applications twice a year to fund ESGLD Scholarships and ESGLD Travel Fellowships. A maximum of 3 visiting scholarships per year are available to young scientists.

What do the scholarships/fellowships cover?

ESGLD Travel Fellowships are intended to support travel and accommodation costs associated with collaborative visits to other member laboratories or attending relevant scientific conferences.

ESGLD Scholarships are intended to provide short-term salary support and associated consumables costs, allowing the completion of small pilot studies (e.g. to generate preliminary data for larger grant applications to national funding agencies) or completion of ongoing studies whose funding has expired for any research project which involves collaboration between one member lab and another lab which can be a member or non-member lab. This work can be undertaken by the recipient of the Scholarship in their own lab as long as there is evidence of collaboration with the other laboratory. Where a Non-member lab is involved in the collaboration then the Scholarship applicant will need to provide a statement from the head of that lab that it is their intention to dedicate time and staff to Lysosomal Diseases work.

Terms and conditions

These funds are to be used for direct costs only with none of the money to be available to the host institution for overheads or other indirect costs. Fellowships and scholarships are provided for exchange between ESGLD member groups and/or one ESGLD member group and another laboratory. A maximum of €5,000 is available per application.

How to apply:

Applicants should apply with a covering letter explaining the reasons for requesting support, a brief budget, CV and a letter of support from the head of the ESGLD Member group.

Applications should be made via email to the ESGLD Secretary Paul Saftig (, by either the 1st of April or the 1st of October each year.

Review process: Applications will initially be assessed for eligibility by the Secretary and Chairman, and if considered suitable, distributed to other members of the ESGLD committee for review. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application/proposal within one month of each submission deadline.”